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Security/Escort Officer


• Retrieve approved visit requests received thru e-mail and distribute as required. 
• Provide traditional concierge information to visitors to the facility including but not limited to:  taxi information, local hotel information, local restaurant information. 
• Maintain and file visitor logs for the facility as well as the CDC.  
• Ensure adequate visitor control supplies are on hand for all locations including but not limited to logs, temporary badges, and badge holders.
• Escort visitors throughout the headquarters building as required due to unavailability of host escorts. 
• Escort delivery personnel arriving at Post 11 (loading dock). This escort service is provided to facility deliveries such as vending supplies and canteen vendors. 
• Field requests for information from the public that enter the facility unannounced and connect the visitor with the appropriate organizational representative.
• Fulfill audit requests from DCIP, retrieving historical visitor files as required.  


• Ability to interpret, understand and apply CMS administrative/security policies, procedures and operating guidelines.
• Ability to perform duties independently and adapt to changes with minimum supervision.
• Ability to maintain visitor records and prepare reports as required. 
• Ability to perform work requiring accuracy and close attention to detail.
• Ability to communicate orally and in writing, comprehend and interpret written material. 
• Ability to effectively and courteously interact with the public, presenting a professional appearance and attitude at all times. 
• Ability to use a personal computer with operational knowledge of Microsoft Office applications. 


Baltimore, MD

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