Capabilities Statement

About Data Federal

Data Federal is a professional services firm with experience in the management and support of federal government initiatives and the technologies supporting them. Data Federal understands the unique challenges facing federal agencies. We work closely with our customers to provide the exact solution to deliver on the client’s objectives to include consulting and support services, technology development and maintenance, and/or subject matter expertise. Data Federal enjoys a strong history of past performance and welcomes prospective customers to learn more about how we can make a difference.

Our Services

From technology consulting to hands-on program management, we’re here to help you innovate & modernize.

Technology Consulting

Expertise in the implementation of complex user-centric and data-driven applications.

  • Web Applications
  • Web Creative and Content Development
  • Website Development
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Records Management

Transformation and support of records management programs via federally-compliant electronic records management (ERM) solutions.

  • SharePoint Expertise
  • FREEDOM – SaaS Federal ERM
  • Federal Records Management Consulting
  • Document Digitization and Disposition

Program Support

Program-level management and support from functional business process management (BPM) initiatives to staff supplementation.

  • Business Process Management
  • Technology Acquisition Consulting
  • Program Management


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Representative Projects

Customer: United States Trade Representative (USTR), Executive Office of the President (EOP)

Contract: Web Portal Redesign & CMS Integration

Description: Full-scale redesign and Content Management System (CMS) integration of, the website for the United States Trade Representative, within the Executive Office of the President. This portal serves as the primary content management and distribution system for press releases, trade agreements, and related documents for public dissemination.

Customer: Department of Defense (DoD) – Intelligence Community (IC)

Contract: Policy Analysis and Development

Description: Provide consulting support to an agency within the Intelligence Community. Data Federal provides Business Process Management solutions, including organizational consulting support, organizational development guidance, and other related activities needed to streamline operations. Support also includes the design and development of BPM Systems to automate procedures to meet new policy guidelines.

Customer: Program Support Center (PSC)

Contract: RPB Records Management System, Document Scanning, and Maintenance Support

Description: Responsible for designing, developing and deploying the Records Management System within SharePoint for the Real Properly Branch within the Program Support Center at HHS. The new system will hold over 200,000 records.

Customer: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Contract: Payroll Automation

Description: Data Federal automated SAMHSA’s payroll forecasting processes and provided the customer the ability to accurately manage and report the changes and possible outcomes based on business rules triggered by text based payroll data. This application ensures SAMHSA fully understands the impacts of payroll modifications as they occur as well as projected changes that may happen in the future.

Customer: Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) – Office of the Chief Information Officer

Contract: Web Portal Redesign and CMS Integration

Description: Full-scale redesign and implementation of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s public Web site, including integration into a custom Content Management System (CMS). Management of this program is intended to improve general user experience, content, navigation, accessibility and compliance with Section 508 and the Open Government Directive.

Customer: Heath Resources & Services Administration (HRSA)

Contract: Grant Closeout Support

Description: Five year contract to provide grant closeout services utilizing re-engineered processes and a proprietary Business Process Management based grant closeout system. System allows for the streamlining of the grant closeout process, aligning team members along a proven workflow and ensuring effective performance. Data Federal’s performance in FY 2009 resulted in a 71% improvement over the number of closeouts performed in 2008, and in FY2010 the closeout team increased the number of closed documents an additional 8.5%. The increased performance in FY10 resulted in the closing of 98.5% of all documents with expiring funds.

Customer: Department of the Navy, Office of Naval Research (ONR)

Contract: Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) / Privacy Act (PA) Services

Description: Five-year contract to manage the FOIA/PA program for the Office of Naval Research, Office of General Counsel. Data Federal provides FOIA consulting services to ONR relating to the “releaseability” of information in accordance with federal law and ONR regulations. Data Federal also provides analysis and support to the ONR Ethics and Standards of Conduct program and works to strengthen Privacy Act compliance to ensure that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in paper and electronic formats are not unnecessarily and/or inappropriately collected, stored, or disseminated.

Customer: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Contract: Litigation Support IDIQ

Description: Five year contract to provide litigation support to the FAA’s Office of Chief Counsel. FAA is currently litigating several very complex class action employment/discrimination cases filed against the agency. Data Federal personnel provide a wide range of legal services to support the FAA, from the drafting of legal motions to making discovery-related determinations regarding Attorney/Client privilege.

Customer: Defense Information Systems Agency

Contract: CoreNET

Description: Five-year subcontract to support fullscale managed services to the Agency’s CoreNET intranet. Responsible for supporting the design of several systems modifications to improve the IT support provided to DISA and to meet the Agency’s requirement of operating under the ITIL process framework. The contract includes IT support, systems and network engineering, and process improvement.

Department of Defense (DoD) – Intelligence Community (IC)

Contract: Logistics Planning & Support

Description: Developed procedures to improve coordination of several field initiatives to ensure multiple stakeholders were meeting mission objectives and reducing overall overlap in activities. A Web Portal prototype was developed to demonstrate effectiveness in logistics management.

Customer: Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Contract: Database Migration and Performance Improvement

Description: Data Federal is improving the performance of the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) Enforcement Revenue Information System (ERIS) database system as it is migrated to a DB2 platform. ERIS is a terabyte-sized, cross-functional database that tracks the amount and timing of revenue from all IRS enforcement functions, along with the direct hours spent on the cases, where available. The transition from a legacy mainframe system to a Sun Workstation platform will run concurrent to a system upgrade. Data Federal is responsible for making recommendations to improve each query’s performance, measure the performance boost of each recommendation, and create a Query Performance Plan.