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Data Federal offers one of the only fully-hosted Electronic Records Management (ERM) solutions in the cloud, FREEDOM.

FREEDOM allows large and small agencies and programs to comply with the NARA directives within a reasonable budget. Our products are designed to work together and add tools to the Federal Records Managers.

FREEDOM E.R.M. Software as a Service

FREEDOM was developed to satisfy the needs of any size agency or budget. Reducing costs without compromising enterprise functionality was central to FREEDOM’s architecture.

FREEDOM’s “Alive in Five” concept allows an agency to virtually “turn on” the system, easily configure a few settings, and begin ingesting documents, whether via scanning or electronic uploads, into a fully compliant system that, out of the box, includes all necessary workflows from ingest through NARA disposition.   Learn more…

NARA General Record Schedule (GRS) Search Tool

The NARA Records Schedule provides mandatory instructions (“disposition instructions”) to all NARA staff regarding how to maintain the agency’s operational records and what to do with them when they are no longer needed for current business.

Although the GRS is provided in PDF and various Excel files, most users find it difficult to identify the most applicable schedule and Disposition Authority (DA) given the hundreds of records to search. Data Federal’s GRS Search Tool is a web based solution that allows you to quickly filter to identify the right schedule and DA applicable to a type of document.

A more robust version of the GRS Search Tool is included in FREEDOM where the agencies’ approved record schedules can be added to supplement the standard GRS,  as well as apply the schedules during a document declaration and thus facilitating automated records management.  Try it now.

FREEDOM Outlook Plugin

The Outlook Plugin allows authorized users of the FREEDOM E.R.M system to easily transfer emails into FREEDOM directly from Outlook.  The “send to FREEDOM” function is added to the context menu. When a user right clicks on any email, required Metadata can be added to enforce compliance as configured within FREEDOM.

FREEDOM PIV Card Extension

FREEDOM comes standard with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).  Extending the Security login architecture, PIV functionality is provided.  Agencies can use their own PIV cards as the primary method of restricting access to the FREEDOM system.