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Technical Writer / Editor


Ideal candidate will work in a team environment and will prepare an interactive on-line user's manual for a U.S. Government analytic software tool that will provide step by step input guidelines with visual screen shots and detailed how to, help, definitions, and options for consideration. The manual will assist both a new user and a return user to input data manually and semi-automatically into the customer's critical system. Further, the manual will support a user's ability to manipulate and combine data as well as visualize data within the system. Other aspects include providing information for the extraction and visualization of information and metrics. Applications of algorithms for specific scenarios are to be defined for the analyst. Use cases will be used to provide the analyst with suggested applicable scenarios. The individual shall control this technical document and be responsible for revising and formatting revisions to technical documents. Additional Position Information:
• Write User Help Document with definitions as on-line capability and as hard-copy user manual to reflect information in the user's manual. 
• Plan, develop, and coordinate user manual. 
• Prepare, write, and review material for other media and activities that require journalistic communications to support users. 
• Originate new documents and improve the quality of existing materials by using journalistic principles. 
Edit and write a variety of technical and user documents and other material for publication or presentation as needed.


Job Requirements
• At least 5 years experience in document management
• At least 5 years of specialized experience in developing accepted user manuals, preferably for analysts 
• In-depth understanding of IT technology and technical terms
• Ability to express "how to" use GUI including SNA theory and terminology in layman terms with related diagrams and description as applicable
• Current knowledge of GUI application and capabilities
• At least 3 years Experience in Web development to include GUI and Web Pages
• Prior experience in writing user manuals with example of prior work is required 
• Excellent communications skills 
• Technical writing experience 
• Excellent usage of English 


• Knowledge of Social Network Analysis tools 
• Background in Social Network Analysis 
• Analytical background is highly recommended 
• Familiarization with JAVA code will be beneficial 
• Working knowledge of all Microsoft software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project) and related tools 
• Ability to work in team and matrix environment 

Education: Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university with degree in English, Journalism, or related disciplines. 


Fort Meade, MD

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