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Web and Content Design Professional


These positions require BA/BS level education and 2-5 years of experience, with an emphasis on communications/editorial and digital and graphic production.  Areas of expertise, such as web analytics, audience engagement, and economics/policy analysis or communications is a plus.
The candidate shall possess demonstrable experience and expertise in the following areas: web content and product development, optimizing content for Search engines, plain language/web writing, monitoring metrics to analyze product performance, and web publishing support. An important component of all content and website development will be to ensure that the site and its content are accessible. 
Content will be regularly created and updated; written for the web in plain language, accurate, accessible, and optimized for quick download. All content produced shall be government-appropriate, comply with Section 508 accessibility requirements and copyright laws, and be implemented in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and best practices. This includes but is not limited to selecting/creating/preparing charts and graphics, developing content, and developing interactive data.


Below is a list of typical Web Content / Web Product Production Support contractor duties, although it is not inclusive of the full range of web content/product development support duties to be performed:

•         This requires a wide and unique set of duties to better manage the flow of products to the Internet and maintain quality and timeliness as content and data are transformed into web and other digital formats, including:

o   Preparing content for web pages, data products, reports, and other outlets
o   Produce complete and accurate content for web publishing by formatting content, reviewing content, inserting images and files, and entering metadata.
o   Work with staff economists, editors, and web specialists to develop up-to-date and useful electronic data and graphics products to be released on the agency website. This includes preparing data files and performing basic data organization to support the development of charts.
o   Create and format complete and accurate charts and data tables that adhere to applicable standards.
o   Coordinate with appropriate staff to avoid or correct inaccuracies in preparing electronic products.
o   Prepare and stage edited material and metadata in the content management system
o   (CMS), ensuring the material is complete, error-free, reviewed, and approved.
o   Ensure content and metadata follow digital best practices, such as for file structures, naming conventions, styling, metadata, titles, text, and images.
o   Fix web pages, data, and other electronic products that no longer display properly or whose links fail to load the desired items.
o   Review and copyedit similar work performed by others to provide quality control and ensure the on-time delivery of complete and error-free products. This includes checking the details of charts or table files and the completeness of the metadata.
o   Produce highly accessible content, and use both automated tools and manual testing to confirm that this content conforms to the standards and performance objectives of Section 508.
o   Coordinate with appropriate staff to identify and make changes necessary to improve the usability of web products, including changes intended to improve usability for people with disabilities.
o   Perform quality control on various products—prior to posting, as well as a post-live publishing check serving as the final step in the workflow.

•         Requires a common breadth of expertise, including:

o   Solid experience with the Microsoft Office Suite, including Word and Excel.
o   Knowledge of HTML.
o   Computer skills to manage file versions and select appropriate data and document files to be used.
o   Skill with web publishing, content management systems such as Umbraco, and document management systems such as Laserfiche.
o   Skill with charting and graphic software programs to convert materials into electronic products.
o   Web design, web production, and graphic skills sufficient to assess the usefulness of various electronic products, suggest alternative presentation styles when usefulness can be improved, and format products appropriately.
o   Higher level work includes data publishing, data visualization, other agency communications, and economic data analysis and presentation, which requires:
o   Knowledge of advanced techniques to present research and data to customers.
o   Skill in the use of spreadsheets and database software tools for data assembly, transformation, and analysis
o   Skill in the use of data visualization programs, such as Tableau, and methods to enhance reports and data products


Washington, DC

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