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Have confidence in the results with scalable human quality control from industry experienced analysts and technicians.

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Our expertise stems from the advanced and complex requirements in managing documents and records for the Federal Government. We frequently deal with sensitive artifacts, various levels of quality, and fast turnaround times given demanding and diverse use cases.

We bring this experience while simplifying the overall task of digitization for our commercial customers. We deliver full life-cycle document processing. Our engagement process is summarized below.

1. Analyze your exact situation and timelines

At no cost, we review your exact needs and develop and present a full workplan with detailed scope, projected costs and estimated timelines.  

2. Pack and pickup your records

Our team is capable of supporting the entire initiation process from packing and inventorying to pickup. We offer next day pickup to respond to immediate needs, free up physical space, or support office moves.

3. Scan and make text searchable

Once within our secure facility, documents and records are scanned and all files converted to machine readable text via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to facilitate advanced electronic discovery and/or search capabilities. 

4. Index and add metadata

Advanced search capabilities via indexing and additional metadata can be added to allow documents to be categorized, tagged and organized based on your future business and system needs.

5. Export to any system as needed

Once the final results meet our your requirements and objectives, the electronic records and associated indexes/metadata can be imported into any system.

Documents can be returned or shredded if requested.

Industries served and document types processed.

In today’s competitive landscape, almost every industry can benefit from document scanning and digitization services. Extracting critical data from your digitized physical documents and records will allow you to gain access to previously inaccessible information.

Our customers frequently deal with sensitive and/or private documents and require digitization services with higher security requirements.

Our customers span across the United States. Primary regions served: Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware

Industries Served

  • Government
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Education
  • Banking
  • Insurance

Document Types

  • All sizes of Paper
  • Large Format Drawings
  • Microfilm and Microfiche
  • X-Rays
  • Slides
  • Books
  • Specialized forms with zonal data capture requirements

Past Performance

100+ Projects

200M+ Images

50+ Clients


Digitized 30M administrative images with OCR for the National Institute of Health.


Digitized  30M payroll record images with OCR for Office of Human Resources (OHR).


Digitized 500K X-Ray images for the Federal Occupancy of Health).


Digitized 1M Medical Chart images with OCR for National Eye Institute.

Large Format

Digitized 150K Engineering Drawings fort he Wildlife and Sport Restoration office.


Digitized large library of case files for the Federal Drug Administration and provided a full Electron Records Management(ERM) solution.

We offer one of the most user-friendly, flexible Electronic Records Management (ERM) systems in the industry. Manage your active documents and official records securely in any domain.

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