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Business Processing Management

Business Processing Management (BPM) allows organizations to create and analyze automated and circumstance specific processes and create a fluid efficient path for processes from creation to completion.

Data Federal creates BPM applications that greatly improve Agency efficiency: streamlining processes, increasing staff efficiency, and significantly reducing errors. These BPM applications are customized to the Agency, implementing the process/processes completely allowing the Agency to perform at the highest efficiency possible.

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  • BPM in the Federal Government

    Organizations are increasingly seeing their most important assets not as the actual products or services they provide to their customers but the processes themselves. In government, these processes are not generally subject to competitive pressures, but citizens and stakeholders within other departments demand a more effective approach to delivery of services that only the government can provide.

  • Government agencies are using BPM to increase efficiency

    Next generation Business Analytics solutions better predict the future and help businesses understand what strategic actions to take. Underpinning these Business Analytics applications for performance management, planning, and decision support are 3 types of modeling platforms.

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