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Performance Management and Analytics

Performance management and analytics allow companies to look deep into what drives success within their organizations. With greater visibility organizations can streamline processes, increase productivity and ultimately achieve their mission objectives. The articles presented here highlight current thinking and potential trends.

Data Federal provides dashboard solutions to allow the Federal managers to gain actionable insights into the programs they operate.

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  • Six Key Components of Analytics-Based Performance Management

    When six key components of enterprise performance management (EPM) and corporate performance management (CPM) are embedded with analytics (especially predictive analytics) powerful decision support is provided for insight, foresight and action.

    Data Federal incorporates these six key components into high-performance dashboard applications.

  • KPIs – The Metrics That Drive Performance Management

    Although selection of the appropriate visuals and graphs contribute to the effectiveness of a business performance management (BPM) dashboard, the true soul of the dashboard is the key performance indicators (KPIs).

    Data Federal communicates with Agencies to obtain metrics which we implement in our dashboard applications. These KPIs allow Agencies to make decisions that streamline their business process.

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