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Contract Number: N00178-10-D-5981

Award Date: 7/15/2010

Quality Assurance Plan (QASP)

Data Federal utilizes a Quality Assurance and Surveillance Plan (QASP) to monitor and verify processes and metrics common to the types of efforts sought under this requirement. This monitoring of project quality results in an end product which meets or exceeds task requirements. Areas monitored include: requirements, development; documentation; maintenance;, as well as unique quality and surveillance needs. In addition, the plan describes performance standards, acceptable quality levels and surveillance methods for overall Program Management performance objectives. The overall surveillance goal is to provide our customer with quantified and objective evidence of our team's performance, which will be used in combination with customer feedback to assess overall team performance, and to steer and guide task order completion to a successful conclusion.

The Data Federal QASP is based on five (5) fundamental principles:

  1. Clearly defined and communicated performance standards and metrics
  2. Unobtrusive surveillance and data collection methodology
  3. On-going performance data review and feedback
  4. Multiple performance reporting mechanisms
  5. Continuous process improvement

These standards ensure a consistent level of understanding and expectations within the program and serve to monitor and enhance responsiveness and performance for the projects we undertake. Sample performance standards for program management are included in Exhibit 1 below.

Exhibit 1. Program Management Performance Standards
Description Performance Standard
Status Report
  • Complete and timely delivery
  • Detailed description of the program activities
Program Management Review
  • Presentation of current program, risk and quality issues
Management Responsiveness/Availability
  • Management responds to issues quickly
  • Actions taken and resolution is reported
Performance Against Baseline (PBL)
  • Detailed tracking of hours/costs on contract
Planning and Forecasting
  • Management conducts trend analysis and forecasting activities
  • Develops and maintains forward-looking innovations and plans for organizational or technological improvements

Data Federal also utilizes a combination of surveillance methods and inspections appropriate to the service area to be evaluated. Relating the surveillance method to the type of activity enables both the customer and our team to tailor a credible surveillance program to provide targeted point in time and overall program performance data. We use a mix of existing management information systems data, random sampling, periodic inspection, 100% inspection, and customer feedback to properly monitor performance and quality.

Data Federal's quality assurance methodologies can be utilized for performing surveillance activities at the specified frequency level using our standardized process outlined in Exhibit 2 below.

Exhibit 2. Data Federal's Surveillance Process
The Data Federal Team Surveillance Process
1. Baseline initial quality level for each program area using surveillance methods described above.
2. Develop a quarterly surveillance schedule for customer review and approval
3. Perform surveillance activities in accordance with the approved surveillance schedule
4. Perform unscheduled surveillance activities quarterly on each service area
5. Perform a root cause analysis for any non-compliance or non-conformance issues identified during surveillance
6. Document scheduled and unscheduled surveillance results in a monthly Quality Review Report
7. Conduct a Performance Against Baseline analysis and deliver report to customer
8. Assess surveillance methods and activities to continually improve the QASP

Approach to Guarantee Responsiveness to and Cooperation with Customers

Data Federal understands that quick turnaround is often required for project deliverables. We routinely provide ongoing support in time-sensitive environments such as HRSA, the United States Trade Representative, and Ford Motor Company.

Data Federal guarantees responsiveness to all its clients, designating, at a minimum, one central point of contact for all projects. At the discretion of the customer, this point of contact is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deal with client needs and emergencies alike.

Data Federal also utilizes a project tracking process that includes several elements:

  1. Descriptions of the deliverable, element and / or process, including roles, responsibilities, and performance metrics.
  2. A Tracking Repository that catalogs all deliverables as well as an audit trail that records all changes to deliverables. Each deliverable in the repository has a profile that captures data such as deliverable creation date, version, number, deliverable storage location, and the name of team member responsible for maintaining the deliverable. The audit trail records changes to deliverables as well as the staffing hours spent creating or enhancing the deliverable.
  3. A reporting system to produce management reports to assess adherence to the deliverables in the contract as well as determine the staff time spent developing deliverables.
  4. A staff that understands and commits to the project tracking process.

Approach to Problem Resolution

Data Federal takes a serious approach to problem resolution. We formulate project requirements for our interactive engagements, whether a contract requirement or not. We most recently created very thorough specifications for our Web portal design and development work for the United States Trade Representative within the Executive Office of the President and our redesign of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's flagship website, nrc.gov. Requirements for all our projects are determined and signed off on by all interested parties at the project kick-off. Any change to project requirements following signoff must go through a change management process where impact is assessed, and a new schedule defined if necessary. This ensures that all project deadlines are met and standards of quality upheld.

Should our system of control fail to contain / control and issue, it is quick to be recognized. Whenever unacceptable performance, non-compliance, or non-conformance issues are identified as a result of a surveillance activity, Data Federal's Project Manager will produce a Corrective Action Report within 24 hours of identification. The Corrective Action Report will fully document the issue identified and contain the information described in Exhibit 4 below:

Exhibit 4. Corrective Action Report Contents
Contents Description
Issue Description Complete description of the issue
Corrective Action Plan A description of what we will do to correct the issue
Milestones Specific tasks that must be performed to correct the issue
Criteria to Meet A description of how we will know the issue is fixed

Task Management

In addition to the aforementioned management techniques, Data Federal employs a Task Management System for ingesting, responding to, and tracking all incoming tasks. This ensures that each task is managed appropriately from inception to closeout, with appropriate reviews, analysis, and reporting throughout its life. Our process ensures responsiveness to the needs of the customer, ensuring that the mission is the first and foremost concern, while effectively reducing or eliminating any administrative limitations that could potentially occur.

Further, our system makes certain that regardless of timing, frequency, or volume, Data Federal is prepared to respond to, and fulfill, each and every task.

A basic overview of Data Federal's technique follows:

Stage Description
Task Receipt
  • Task review within 4 hours of receipt
Task Analysis
  • Task summary generated
  • Detailed review of task components
  • Task element deconstruction
Resource Analysis
  • Detailed resource analysis
  • Necessary resources (human / system / other)
  • Workload calculations
  • WBS
Task Assignment
  • Task Lead assigned
  • Task element assignments
  • Internal / external contacts established and published
Task Execution
  • Performance
  • Monitoring
  • Review
  • Closeout
  • After-action review and analysis

Team Members

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