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FOIA Analyst


Full-time position required to assist federal customer, on-site, in the analyzing and processing of documents in response to FOIA requests in accordance with FOIA and Agency regulations. Personnel may perform the following tasks:

Assist in the management of the Agency's Records Management Program.

Maintain database which will contain all FOIA requests, Privacy Act requests and FOIA appeals, create a new database entry for each new request, appeal and update each entry as needed throughout the life of the request/appeal, and date stamp new requests received by mail.

Maintain paper and electronic files of all requests and appeals.

Determine whether the request is perfected and whether it falls under Agency's cognizance. Draft communications to requesters, including acknowledgment of receipt, status updates, and partial and final decision letters. Draft communications to third parties, including letters to submitters and referrals to other agencies.

Communicate with the requester and third parties, as needed, to refine request, negotiate alternate time periods, respond to inquiries, coordinate search, determine releasability of records, and resolve other relevant matters. Interact and communicate regularly with Agency staff and management throughout the performance of the contract.

Review records and work closely with Agency staff and other offices to locate materials which are responsive to FOIA requests. Review requests to determine appropriate action and response time. Must be able to analyze documents provided in response to a FOIA requests to determine if they are subject to FOIA\PA.

Determine which, if any, disclosure exemptions apply to records and redact and non-releasable portions. The candidate shall be required to utilize Adobe to electronically redact records.

Send records with proprietary information, business-sensitive information, or other FOIA exemptions to the submitter for possible objection to release under EO 12600.

Prepare correspondence and package responding to any appeals of denial. Draft legal memoranda responding to appeals for attorney reviews.

Assist in response to FOIA requests and adhere to response times, as required, by FOIA of 20 or 30 days. In cases of expedited processing, the Contractor shall follow FOIA and Agency requirements to ensure the request is handled appropriately. If delays in response beyond these timeframes occur or are anticipated, it shall be reported immediately. Currently, the Agency has a backlog of appeals. The Contractor shall process these requests to ensure they receive appropriate responses. These backlogged requests will have increased time sensitivity.

Provide weekly reports on the status of responses to FOIA requests.

Prepare original correspondence for release on behalf of the agency to the requester community. Assist General Counsel with FOIA and disclosure-based litigation, which will include creation of Vaughan indices, and declarations for submission to district and circuit courts.

Perform all other duties as assigned under the FOIA/PA/RM guidelines.


The candidate must have at least five (5) years of demonstrated skills and experience working with the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act (FOIA/PA).

The candidate must have the experience and ability to act independently; conduct research; quickly and efficiently develop relevant skills and knowledge; exercise attention to detail; communicate effectively orally and in writing; and speak clearly and accurately.

The candidate must be thoroughly familiar and proficient in the use of commercial software packages such as Microsoft Word, Abode Professional, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Arlington, VA

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