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Legal Assistant - Arlington


The Candidate will be required to perform some or all of the duties and responsibilities outlined below:

• Maintains case file to record actions, events, exhibits, information and materials related to case hearing or case disposition. Reviews case records for adherence to agency policies and procedures. Identifies and acquires additional information required to perfect the case previous to scheduled hearing or other disposition. Compiles case information, locates records of case history, including initial filing, reviews and appeals.
• Contacts appellant or appellant’s representative to secure necessary documents and information. Provides callers and visitors with information on agency procedures.
• Prepares routine correspondence, notices and papers on case status, including notices of dismissal, extensions and other similar actions. Reviews automated and hardcopy documents and materials for each completed case to verify adherence to procedural requirements for closing case. Identifies deficiencies, tracks and acquires necessary materials, records information and verifies adequacy of records before closing a case.
• Exhibits administrative record for the purpose including all materials received in the case file.
• Identifies gaps in records, missing or incomplete documents and takes necessary steps to correct deficiencies. Adds materials to the administrative record as required and ensures new evidence admitted or excluded is readily identifiable in the exhibit list. Prepares a final exhibit list containing all exhibits and removes all previous exhibit lists from the case file.
• Closes appeal in the agencies appeals System ensuring that all recorded information, required appeals protocol and data are accurate in the record before closing case. Maintains current electronic information in the Medicare Appeals system in a timely manner.
• Continuously monitors hearing schedules and case management system. Tracks case development to verify that case milestones are progressing as planned. Tracks timely notification and scheduling of all appeals to ensure that parties and participants are legally notified prior to hearing. Participates in processes to identify legal and office procedures and work flow patterns that can be improved through the application of automated business process.
• Notes slippages and coordinates with field office staff to ascertain status of pre-hearing activities. Schedules the hearing and makes all support arrangements necessary to carry out scheduled hearings. Arranges for recording equipment, video teleconferencing technology, or other electronic equipment required for a particular hearing and assures recording equipment operates properly during hearing. Verifies scheduling arrangements with appellant, appellant’s representative and other parties to the case as necessary. Makes travel arrangements for hearing staff. Arranges for and sets up hearing room in accordance with hearing protocols and preferences of the presiding Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). Works in conjunction with the paralegal specialist to schedule the medical experts and other parties or participants to the hearing.
• Supports other member of the ALJ team and/or office as necessary to ensure the timely and efficient adjudication of Medicare appeals. Assists, when needed, other legal assistants, attorney advisors and/or paralegals in preparing or holding a hearing.
• Provides quality support to customers (both internal co-workers and external appellants/representatives/vendors), fellow team members, and other field office employees. Cooperates with other staff members to further the mission of the agency. Promotes effective communication in meetings and dealings with customers (both internal co-workers and external) in a manner that consistently promotes effective communication.



• Associate's degree or its equivalent and 0-2 years of experience in the field or in a related area.
• Has knowledge of commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures within legal field.
• Experience with Medicare appeals process desired but not essential.


Arlington, VA

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