High-Performance People Delivering High-Performance Solutions
High-performance people delivering high-performance solutions.


Delivering high-quality enterprise solutions is a direct function of three critical components: People, Process and Technology. Individually, each component can represent value, but even when considered together, without a framework, they can produce little or no value at all. At Data Federal, our commitment to a cohesive methodology that effectively leverages these three key components is paramount. At each step within the process we are focused on driving efficiencies within the development lifecycle - whether that is a large-scale systems integration effort or within the design of advanced business processes and systems. The people, process, technology methodology is at the center of our company's performance-driven culture. This extends from our hiring and training, through our toolsets and processes, and finally to the delivery of our services and solutions. Consistency, reliability, and predictability are direct benefits of our methodology.

Data Federal delivers customer value through the alignment of our people, internal and external processes and the employment of technology to automate and drive a more efficient and consistent work product.

Data Federal employs advanced toolsets to ensure that our clients' projects remain on track, on schedule, and within budget. They ensure that the right people are on task and are accountable for their assignments. Our technology allows Data Federal resources to be effectively managed and highly efficient. It also serves as a repository for best practices and ongoing training and education.

People + Process + Technology = Success

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